Incpen tackles litterers in new video 

By PRW Staff, 3 September 2015

Packaging lobby body Incpen has produced a short film as part of its ongoing work to help persuade people to stop dropping their rubbish.

Figures suggest UK councils spend around £1bn every year to clean the country’s streets. According to Incpen, governments need to make litter a priority, because it may reduce crime and business investment and many other problems.

By James Snodgrass, 31 July 2015

In this feature for Plastics News Europe James Snodgrass looks at PET jars for jam, sauces and other foodstuffs which are designed to lighten the weight of containers while retaining a traditional appearance.

From pasta sauces to jams, glass jars have been the de facto standard packaging for hot fill applications. But as the advantages of plastic jars for producers – lower shipping costs, less loss from breakage – become ever more apparent, will consumers overlook the perceived quality advantages of glass (familiarity, solidity, optical properties) and embrace plastic?

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