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New Partnership with PlasticsEurope signed

New Partnership with PlasticsEurope signed An important partnership agreement has been signed between CPME - The Committee of PET Manufacturers in Europe and PlasticsEurope. This fundamental pact is aimed at enhancing the voice and common planning ability based on environmental and economic sustainability, particularly on issues such as the EU’s Plastics levy, chemical recycling, mass balance, and food contact. “We intend to share work and expertise on common topics”, declared Antonello Ciotti, Chairman of CPME. “The green transition requires strong coordination amongst the interested parties”, added Ciotti. “PET, with more than 1.8 million tonnes collected is by far the largest single packaging polymer to be recycled in Europe, the common goal cannot be reached without a proper evaluation of the implications of incoming regulations and taking into consideration the principles and experiences of the Circular Economy which will constitute an important resource for new developments in the years to come.” “I am delighted we are joining forces with CPME, said Virginia Janssens, Managing Director of PlasticsEurope. A circular economy and circular plastics are based on working together with the entire value chain and across all polymers. We are interdependent within the circular economy for plastics which requires a united voice along the value chain and including partners such as CPME. It is through new collaborations such as this that we can deliver long-term sustainable solutions.” she added.  About PlasticsEurope PlasticsEurope is the pan-European association of plastics manufacturers. For over 100 years, science and innovation has been the DNA that cuts across our industry. With close to 100 members producing over 90% of all polymers across Europe, we are the catalyst for the industry with a responsibility to communicate transparently with other stakeholders and deliver solutions which are safe, circular, and sustainable. We are committed to implementing long-lasting positive change.

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